Thursday, June 16, 2011


Coming of age we all grow up and we get older what also get bigger is the responsibility we have and obtain. Now that we are older we have to do things on our own and we don't have as many chances and easy passes on things. Now this is the time things become more difficult and thins the start of a long journy ahead of us with many trails in our path and we need to be responsibility no matter how hard it is or how hard it going to become. This is our chance to practice and learn how to do things right and not to slack off and show we are to be adults.
When I think of coming of age and responsibility I think of hard working young adults getting ready for the future.Evenn though im not responsible as other people I think im getting to the point where im like completed getting ready for the future even though im not comletey therre yet.
Kids and even some adults don't think them doing there responsibility is worth it because its hard but for the people who do there's even if its hard is the people who should be the role model because they can learn alot from the responsible people and even fallow there ways and make there life much better. I use this topic for my coming ofvage project because.its something we all have to go through and we need to do even adults.

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